Prepaid card and banking facilities

No bank account?  Our card has many of the same features as traditional bank accounts, and puts you back in control.
Our card is an international Prepaid Mastercard issued by Everyday People Financial.
Prepaid Mastercard cards are accepted at over 32 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.
You can load your card using online/telephone banking, via PayPoint or you can have your wages paid directly to your card by your employer.
You can check your balance at any time by logging into the customer portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Set up direct debits
  • Receive payments
  • Make online payments
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Contactless payments
Online statements and account management.
All for only £9.95 per month (other charges apply, see below for full details).
Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting
Upgrade Fee
Upgrade to Everyday People Plus
Load Limits
Minimum initial load
Minimum initial load – Everyday People Plus
Maximum initial load
Maximum reload per day
Maximum reload per day – Everyday People Plus
Load Fees & Limits
Card loaded with debit card
2.5% of value (min £1.00)
Card loaded with Payzone/Post Office
Card loaded with wages/bank transfer
Maximum card balance
Maximum card balance – Everyday People Plus
Maximum daily spend
Maximum daily spend – Everyday People Plus
Maximum daily ATM withdrawal (depends on the ATM)
Up to £550.00
Maximum number of loads per day
Retail Purchase Fees
Retail purchases transaction –UK
Retail purchases transaction – International
+ 1.35% value
Declined transaction fee
ATM Fees
ATM withdrawal UK
ATM withdrawal International
£6.25 + 4.95% value
Transfer Fees
Domestic transfer – to UK bank account
International transfer – to bank account outside UK
Customer Service Transactions
Call to customer service number – general enquiries 0141 375 0996
Normal rate
Call to customer service number – card lost or stolen: 0141 375 0997
Normal rate
Retrieve PIN via IVR (initial request)
Retrieve PIN via IVR (subsequent requests)
IVR balance enquiry
Administration Fees
Monthly service charge
Foreign exchange mark-up (of transactions in a currency other than GBP)
Inactivity fee per month (after 90 days of inactivity)
Closure Fees
Replacement card (lost/stolen/expired)
Cancellation fee


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